Thicker, Better

Spray on Truck Bedliners

Armorthane is for more than truck bed liners

  • ATV parts
  • bumpers
  • trailers
  • cabinets
  • sub woofer boxes
  • stereo enclosures
  • rocker panels

Sprayed-on... Better Than Drop-in

Compare Spray-on Bed Liners to Drop-in:

  • no attachment holes
  • no scratching paint
  • maximized cargo space
  • no worry with fit; fits all sizes, shapes
  • no vibration or noise
  • no fading, warping, cracking
  • easy to clean

Factory Installed vs. Armorthane

A question that is often asked is “which is better a factory order bed liner or aftermarket addition?” The truth is that it depends on the product. ArmorThane dealers are trained to do it right, but that may not be the case with other products.

Today’s pickup trucks are expensive and whether we keep for years or want to maintain the best resale value, we want that truck to look great while driving. Even if the truck is not used for work every day, it eventually gets scratched and dented. The best insurance for keeping it looking great is a sprayed on truck bed liner.

Factory Spray-on Bed Liner Considerations

Three points to consider when comparing a factory installed bed liner to an Armorthane sprayed in bed linder.

Factory coatings are what’s termed “aromatic” and will fade over time. We use an “aliphatic” ColorCoat system that doesn’t fade, even in extreme weather conditions and prolonged direct sunlight.

Many truck owners want more than beds sprayed. By going to aftermarket applicators, they can also add protective or decorative coatings to bumpers, fenders, grills, rocker panels, undercarriages, and floors. All matching, all ultra protected. Finally, if a bed liner has to be repaired after an accident, it can’t be taken back to the manufacture. With a spray-in bed liner, the original product is easily repaired by a dealer.